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International Action against Criminalization of Homeless in 15 Cities

The Hungarian Organization “The City is for all” and the “European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City” called for three days of international solidarity action against the criminalization of homelessness by the Hungarian government. Local groups in 15 cities organized protests between 13th and 15th February 2014.

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From Istanbul to Budapest: In solidarity with our homeless comrades exiled from public spaces.

What does a public space mean? Currently, public spaces such as ports, parks, shores, squares, green areas, shortly spaces that should be open to the free access of the public have been commercialized, privatized by central and/or local governments which no longer act to manage but to sell their cities just like entrepreneurs.  Wilderness, mountains, water and air that used to be our common home before the civilization loomed over us, are today usurped by global capital hand in hand with collaborationist states We are charged for setting our feet in the forest, we are charged when drinking water .The legalised racketeering gangs and the internalised violence organised as the police and the army constitute what is called the state. Those powers that practice usurpation and seizure, criminalize  the residents of occupation settlements, the homeless, the children forced to work on the street, the people forced to migrate, the squatter-builder in need, as ‘’thieves, terrorists and inferiors’’ who in fact try to reclaim what is already theirs.   Acquiring private property and closing its door against the outsiders are viewed as ways of being superior.