CALL: Socialise Housing across Europe!

The worsening housing problems in European cities are an important part of the general EU crisis. The EU treaties guarantee the free movement of capital (Art. 26 & 63 TFEU), the free competition of undertakings (Art. 107 TFEU) and the restriction of public budgets (Stability and Growth Pact, European Fiscal Compact).

Without a strong […]


A message to Europe from Spain: stop evictions, human rights come first

At 8th May the Platform of Citizens Affected by Mortgages (PAH) presented a new campaign to reclaim solutions to the dramatic housing crisis: The PAH plans to hold peaceful demonstrations (“escraches”) in electoral events during the European Parliament elections campaign.




Documentation: Positions on Crisis & EU & housing 2008

As part of the French EU presidency European ministers responsible for urban development and housing met in Marseille, 24th – 25th November 2008. At that occasion reclaiming spaces published the follwoing text.