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ROAR Magazine reflects Gezi uprising

The radical online magazine “ROAR”  at January 6th has started to publish a selection of “essays dealing with a wide variety of themes related to the Gezi uprising. The main questions we will be confronting are: what was Gezi all about, what remains of it today, and what is next for the movements in Turkey?”

Post image for ROAR editorial: Gezi and the Spirit of Revolt


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ROAR Magazine


“ROAR Magazine,  is an online journal of the radical imagination providing grassroots perspectives from the front-lines of the global struggle for real democracy.

ROAR was founded in 2010 by writer, activist and filmmaker Jérôme Roos as an independent media project that seeks to contribute to the ongoing wave of global uprisings by freely sharing information and breathing inspiration into the Creative Commons.

ROAR is edited by a transnational collective of citizen journalists, scholar-activists and independent filmmakers based in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berkeley, Florence, Istanbul and Quito. Our contributions come from volunteers around the world.”



ROAR SYMPOSIUM: Reflections on the Gezi Uprising