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German Tenant Union concerned about housing impact of Euro crisis

demands for investment prgrammes and non-profit housing sector 

On May 31 the assembly of the German tenant union DMB expressed concerns regarding “the still expanding negative impacts of the financial and Euro crisis and the neoliberal austerity policies on housing conditions in Europe, like housing losses for economic reasons, evictions and permanently increasing housing costs.”

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German Tenants Union against TTIP

May 31 a huge majority of delegates at the biannual federal assembly („Mietertag“) of the German tenant union “Deutscher Mieterbund” (DMB) voted for two motions expressing a political rejection of the planned free trade agreements TTIP and CETA. The delegates, who represent regional and local associations with a membership basis of 1.27 million households, were especially concerned about possible consequences of the  planned investor protection through state independent arbitral tribunals (“investor-state dispute settlement“) on rental laws.

For the development of an Anti-TTIP front in the housing field this clear standpoint of the big German tenant union is a big success.  Just in April some groups started to raise the international housing questions as part of the TTIP. See the statement here:

TTIP: a threat to social housing, land rights and democratic cities

German: TTIP: eine Bedrohung für soziales Wohnen, Landrechte und demokratische Städte


“At MIPIM the Planet is for sale”

in December housing rights activists from a number of European cities met in Paris to discuss ideas for joint actions in 2014. One of the main outcomes was a general plan for action at the occasion of the international real estate fair MIPIM.  After the meeting some of the participants created the folloeing text.

High rents in England: Documentation in English and German of event in Berlin

November 21st the Berlin Tenant Community (BMG) organized an event with Eileen Short from Defend Council Housing / Anti bedroom tax campaign and Paul Watt from Birkbeck University, both from in London. They reported about the housing crisis in England and the biggest anti-cut protests since many years against the bedroom tax. The group documented the event both in English and German, find the links below:

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Proposals for trans-european action and advocacy

Late April 2013 activists from tenant organizations, local urban movements, militant research and international housing rights networks met in Essen and Wuppertal (Germany) for internal and public meetings. They discussed reasons and possible tasks of international solidarity cooperation in the field of housing and cities under the conditions of financialisation and crisis, austerity regimes and urban transformation. Coming from Barcelona, Berlin, Hamburg, Istanbul, London, Madrid, Padova, Paris, Pescara, the Ruhr-District, Rotterdam, Santiago, Vienna the also brainstormed some ideas for coordinated activities in future. The results were fixed in a letter to movements in Europe.  Below we are quoting the still interrsting parts of it.

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