H3 event: The 24/2015 Catalan housing and energy poverty Law. A law written by the people. A model for other regions?

This side event at the Habitat 3 meeting in Barcelona  informs about an ecouraging step towards social regulation of housing: the Catalan Law 24/2015. Let’s discuss implications for struggles in other countries!

In July 2015, the Catalan Parliament unanimously adopted a Law (Law 24/2015) containing urgent measures to face the housing and energy poverty emergency that has swept Catalonia since the post -2008 housing-financial  crisis.  The Law  came to light thanks to a Popular Legislative Initiative driven by an NGO (Observatori DESC) and two social movements – the  Platform  for  Mortgage  Affected  People  (PAH)  and  the  Aliance  against  Energy  Poverty  (APE).

The objectives of this  session  are: to  explain  the  process  behind  the  Popular  Legislative  Initiative  (origins,  creation  and  promotion) , the  outcomes and  implications  of  the  implementation  of  the  Law, the  results  achieved  to  date and  the shortfalls of  the  Law.

We  also  aim  to  extrapolate  the  findings  to  other  countries,  and  to  learn  about  other  experiences,  to  consider  how  this  process could be repeated in other contexts.

Carlos Macias, Spokesperson PAG
Irene Escorihuela, Spokesperson APE
Maria Campuzano, Director Observatori DESC
Marti Batllori,  Lawyer

Monday, April4, 17:30h to 19h
Chapel Room at the Historic Building of the University of Barcelona


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