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A message to Europe from Spain: stop evictions, human rights come first

At 8th May the Platform of Citizens Affected by Mortgages (PAH) presented a new campaign to reclaim solutions to the dramatic housing crisis: The PAH plans to hold peaceful demonstrations (“escraches”) in electoral events during the European Parliament elections campaign.


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“Gefahrenzone”: brief summary of events in Hamburg | dec 21 – jan 7

in the wake of a demonstration announced for 21 dec 2013 by rote flora and groups from the right to the city network in hamburg, local media ramped up reporting about expected violence for days. on 20 dec 2013 there was an attack on a police station in st. pauli that was immediately incorporated into the prevailing paranoia (though even three weeks later it’s not clear who the attackers were). the demonstration was announced to defend rote flora, to support the tenants of the evacuated esso houses on reeperbahn and to demand a right to stay for the lampedusa group of refugees that has been in st. pauli since spring 2013. needless to say that the media did not pick up the reasons for the demonstration in the first place but focussed on potential clashes.
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