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RECLAIMING-SPACES is an independent and voluntary project without budget that aims to support international communication and reflection among urban activists. It is dedicated to struggles against dispossession and expropriation of inhabitants from their land, housing, infrastructure, and public spaces. These struggles in most cases begin at local levels by organizing the social and/or political protection of common and public goods from privatisation, financial speculation, authoritarianism and/or corruption. While local mobilizations build the foundations of successful resistances, it is also true that processes of capitalist dispossession cannot be overcome without transforming the underlying political economic structures that are largely determined by supranational “global” economic conditions, corporations and powers.     

RECLAIMING-SPACES was founded in 2008 in order to support the development of spaces as well as tools that foster the exchange of local experiences, while concentrating on those elements that are transnational and/or global — such as global financial investors and international real estate markets, and the institutions and arrangements that back them.  This informal  project contributes towards the better common understanding of the forces behind the transformation of human environments by: encouraging critical analysis, strengthening existing and emerging alliances, improving international networking, and engaging in practice-orientated exchange and intervention.

RECLAIMING-SPACES focuses on the various modes of appropriation, their corresponding struggles, and the various methods of organization through which activists can proceed from local resistance to trans-local pro-active social change.

Through communication and co-working on concrete journalistic products, we hope to build an international collective of co-workers, which step by step can develop to an independent international networking force, servicing social movements and organisations towards an issue-orientated “unity in diversity” for broadly rooted, clearly targeted and efficient transnational action.  The specific approach of our journalistic project includes an orientation on open debates and discourses from movements for movements in a spirit of solidarity and respect for each other.



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