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Vonovia: Expropriation Target No. 1 in Berlin presents it’s Interim Report

Today,  listed Vonovia SE, the largest private landlord in Europe, announced its interim results for the first 9 months. It is the first economic report after the takeover of the majority of shares of number 2 in Germany, Deutsche Wohnen SE.  Most of the Deutsche Wohnen flats are located in Berlin, where a plebiscite for the expropriation of the apartments of large landlords recently achieved a clear majority. If the demands of this plebiscite were implemented by the state government, the enlarged Vonovia would have to cede its 157,000 apartments in Berlin to an institution under public law in return for compensation.  While campaigners in Berlin are calling for a fast implementation of the plebicite,  tenants in other parts of Germany are preparing or a long struggle.

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