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Activists of The City is for All forcibly removed from the City Council to enable the criminalization of homelessness

The homeless activists of The City is for All and their allies were holding hands, telling poems and singing around the chairs of the Budapest City Council members in the council’s assembly room at 8.15am on Thursday, November 14th. The group’s aim was to prevent the assembly from passing an ordinance, which extends the criminalization of homeless people to a major large part of the city. With this demonstration, we have made it clear that homelessness is an inacceptable condition, which should be eliminated through social policy and not punitive measures.

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October 19th 2013: European Action Day for the Right to Housing and the City

October 19th the “European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City” organized an European Day of Action demanding “Housing for People – not for Profit”. Groups in various cities in Europe came together to protest agaunst the “misery caused by speculation, financialisation and austerity measures.”

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