#antimipim: London case studies released

Activists from London today released two case studies on the disastrous effects of the pacts between MIPIM developers and politicians on the lives and communities of Londoners.
Lend Lease’s relationship with Southwark gave birth to one of the most appalling instances of community displacement, coupled with financial mismanagement and barefaced lies. A revolving door between Southwark employees and Lend Lease, coupled with the fact that Lend Lease has paid for Southwark to attend MIPIM, provides a striking illustration of the networks of power that are leading to the sale of our cities from under the noses of citizens.Stoory of the South Kilburn estate – one of a number of “regeneration” projects managed by the Brent Housing Partnership which have seen local residents “decanted” to make way for luxury apartments. Perfectly adequate homes have been demolished, and in many cases nothing has been put in its place, as money runs dry and building plans stalled. The pattern will be familiar to communities across the country.Next week, people from London will join those from cities across Europe in Cannes, where MIPIM takes place. A tribunal will be held, with these London case studies forming one part of a Europe-wide picture of the role of MIPIM
in the housing crisis. It is time to join the dots.