#antimipim UPDATE: Tribunal at Marché Forville in Cannes, 3 pm

Nice, March 11 2014, 10:20 h. After some negotiations with local authorities the “tribunal” against the Mipim now can take place  at Marché Forville in the center of Cannes. The original plan to hold the “tribunal” not far from  the “Palais de Festivals” (where the Mipim will take place) did not get permission by the prefecture. The reason is that the conservative mayor of Nice, Bernard Brochand (UMP), wants to forbid any demonstration in Cannes during the Mipim.Well, the Mipimism brings a lot of money into town.

However, France isn’t China. The prefect, as state represent, has to guarantee the constitutional rights. An in this role he allowed to hold the meeting at a place 2 km away from the Mipim in a park between a big street and the beach. A nice place to be. But noobody would have noticed the protesters.

Finally another solution received permission this morning: The protest will be allowed at Marché Forville after the end of the market at 3 p.m.  Before participants will have a picnic at the Place de la Miséricorde near by.