March 12 in Cannes: “Peoples Tribunal” against property fair “Mipim”

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At the annual real estate spring party “MIPIM” in Cannes (11th – 14th March 2014) businessmen will not be totally alone this year. For the first time in 25 years of undisturbed deal making they may meet some of their final “customers”, victims or resistors, shouting in a square of […]

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Let’s build an active coalition for the right to housing and the city across Europe!

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Documentation of the general parts of a collective call which was discussed among European activists in summer 2013, as a possible call for common actions. While some groups signed this call others prefered to be less explicit in the strategical perspectives and especially the implicated strict commitments, which we leave […]


Proposals for trans-european action and advocacy

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Late April 2013 activists from tenant organizations, local urban movements, militant research and international housing rights networks met in Essen and Wuppertal (Germany) for internal and public meetings. They discussed reasons and possible tasks of international solidarity cooperation in the field of housing and cities under the conditions of financialisation […]